Thieves strike local wrecker yards

KNIGHTDALE The owner of a Wake County wrecker service is the latest victim in a rash of catalytic converter thefts.

The catalytic converter helps reduce the emissions coming from your car. For thieves, the precious metals inside drive up their value.

Thieves are crawling under vehicles and sawing them off. A Knightdale wrecker yard has been hit four times in the past two months.

"They're bringing anywhere from $100 to $150 and up a piece," said J.R. Bullock with Towriffic Towing. "We came in one night and about 35 cars were hit. They got 5 cars last night."

The Knightdale wrecker yards used by Towriffic Towing and B&B Wrecker service have been a popular target for the criminals looking to cash in on the valuable metals found in catalytic converters.

Bullock says it usually happens overnight when it's raining, likely to wash away their tracks.

He says the crooks bring lightweight jacks to boost the cars up and razor-sharp saws, which they brazenly just leave behind.

It's a crime that's become increasingly popular across the nation. It's hitting home now in wake county and car owners are sick and tired of it.

"We're trying to do an honest job and make an honest living and they're just coming in and helping themselves at home," Bullock said.

The Wake County Sheriff's Department says they have seen a significant spike in catalytic converter thefts across the county recently. Currently, they have no leads on who's responsible.

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