Local man's family still in storms path

DURHAM He shows pictures of water flooding in to his former house in Mississippi home when Katrina hit it. And a family heirloom stating, "It's an un abridged dictionary worth a lot of money maybe but I'm ont selling it." These are constant reminder's of the devastation a hurricane can cause, he recalls, "to wake up every morning and do stuff and see that all the time is a constant reminder of what happened makes you depressed than you would be anyway."

And though he has started over and is here safely inside his durham apartment, he still has family in the gulf and worries now, about their safety. "My sister lived in a FEMA trailer and were ordered evacuate. I just talked to them a little while ago and she is staying at my moms house."

Keeping an eye on the storm he watches our sister station in New Orleans online for updates. But says the threat of Hurricane Gustav still threatens his family who are still there. He hopes it will be a wake-up call to family to move away from the Gulf leaving behind their homes for a chance to be out of the storm's wrath.

"I want my family to leave that's all I can really say."

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