Campaign donation mistake


Campaign season is in full swing and people are showing their support to their candidate. Leroy Jones wanted to send the Democratic Party and /*Barack Obama*/ a donation. He did that on-line and was shocked to find out what that donation did to his bank account. He tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I excitedly donated $15.00." At least that's what Leroy thought he donated when he filled out an on-line donation form. He adds, "They said thank you for the $2,300.00." That's right $2,300.00 instead of the $15.00 dollars he intended to donate. Leroy says, "My immediate reaction well was that's a computer error we can correct that immediately. So I submitted another $15.00 donation and I requested my money back, unfortunately it didn't happen."

Leroy says that's when he got worried since he made the donation with his debit card. He says, "I'm unemployed a senior citizen and my bank account is depleted." Leroy says he got on the phone and called the Obama campaign, but says for the first two days just got recordings. He adds, "I finally got in touch with someone on Tuesday and this was a volunteer and she said she couldn't help me. She was sorry and everybody is sorry but they're not in this situation." He says he did talk to someone with the campaign who said he would get his money back in 5 to 7 days, but that didn't sit well with Leroy. Leroy called ABC 11.

/*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/ got in touch with the local office of the Obama campaign. A rep said they appreciate that we brought this to their attention and immediately looked into it. They processed the refund of 23 hundred dollars back into Leroy's account.

The local rep with the Obama campaign told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson when mistakes like this happen they go to great lengths to make sure it's corrected. As for why Leroy couldn't get to the right person to process the refund, he said it's unfortunate and they will make changes to their system to make sure it doesn't happen again. He also said if anyone runs into a problem like this he encourages them to call the local office for the Obama campaign, which is 919-783-5996.

To prevent not having access to your money when mistakes like this do happen, you might want to use your credit card, as opposed to debit. With debit the money comes out of your account immediately.

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