Brad Cooper fires back, demands documents


According to documents filed by Brad Wednesday and earlier this week, there are insinuations that /*Nancy Cooper*/ also had an affair.

Eyewitness News obtained the documents Thursday.

Brad asks that Nancy's friends produce any evidence they may have of "any sexual or romantic relationship Nancy Cooper had with any person other than her husband, /*Bradley Cooper*/."

The filings also demand Jessica Adams, the friend who called 911 to report Nancy missing, produce evidence of "any romantic relationship with any person other than your spouse."

She is asked to do the same with any evidence of any affairs her husband might have had.

Eyewitness News spoke with Adam and her husband, Brett, Thursday. Both deny having any affairs.

And Brett Adams added, "Brad Cooper's attorneys are on a fishing expedition as is often the case in these circumstances."

Brad's attorneys have filed subpoenas for all of his wife's friends who originally filed an affidavit in the custody suit.

A Wake County judge awarded temporary custody of the Cooper children to Nancy's parents, who live in Canada.

During the custody case, Nancy's friends filed affidavits alleging Brad had extramarital affairs and murdered Nancy.

Most of those friends have hired attorneys and are objecting to the subpoenas requested by Brad's attorneys.

Nancy's body was found last month in an unfinished subdivision in Cary. The discovery came several days after she was reported missing.

No suspects have been named, but her husband has been the focus of investigators.

There has also been a nasty exchange of accusations from Nancy's friends, as well as from Brad. Much like the affidavits filed by Nancy's friends, there appears to be little if any direct physical evidence to back up the claims.

Since Nancy's body was discovered near her home, police have thoroughly searched the residence where she lived with Brad and their two children.

Investigators have also searched Brad's office and appear to be focusing the investigation on him, although police have not named him as a suspect or person of interest.

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