Fort Bragg's new military influx drives growth

But now we're starting to get a better sense of which large military contractors in Atlanta will make the move with Forscom to the Fort Bragg area.

These people are some of the military and civilian leaders who control more than 450,000 reserve and active duty soldiers.

When Charles Campbell, the Forscom Commander, was asked about the move he stated, "I think we'll enrich the community and we're looking forward to being a part of a very special state and a very special community."

General Campbell says the move to Bragg may cause local military contractors in Atlanta to set up shop in what's being called North Carolina's All-American Defense Corridor.

Campbell continued, "I think a lot of people have organized themselves artfully to create incentives for these companies to come into that military corridor that encompasses not only Fort Bragg but North Carolina installations that are Marine and Naval and Air Force as well."

Experts say Forscom's move will completely transform Fort Bragg and its surrounding communities.

Paul Dordal, BRAC Commission Director, continued on Campbell's comment, "The reason for that is you have the senior decision makers in the army located in the Forscom and the Army Reserve Command headquarters. So, we'll end up with more General officers at Fort Bragg than any other installation in the country except for the pentagon."

The two commands will manage more than 30-billion dollars of the defense budget every year. It's a staggering amount of money that makes military contractors like Lockeed-Martin take notice of the move.

Doral continued, "Definitely we will see an increase in their consultants that are coming into the area. It's like Booze-Allen-Hamilton, they have a presence here in Forces Command and Forscom is one of their largest clients. And when headquarters moves to Fayetteville they'll establish a large office there."

The All-American Defense Corridor could mean high paying jobs and big bucks for the heart of Carolina.

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