Funeral service held for trooper

RALEIGH Stocks died Tuesday when he lost control of his patrol car and collided with a garbage truck along Ten Ten Road.

He was on his way to another accident, when he crossed the center line along the curve of a wet road.

Stocks was a Highway Patrol Trooper, a US Marine, and an Army Reservist.

He served time in Iraq an Afghanistan and of course protected our community here patrolling the roads.

So it was unique to see the presence of the armed forces-as well as hundreds of law enforcement officers at the service.

His casket, led by a horse drawn herse, made its way down Tryon Road and into the church courtyard.

He was met by hundreds of uniformed law enforcement officers, military servicemen and women and his friends and family.

"We've all embraced one another-the Sheriffs Dept. the other PD. Even nationally we've been contacted by most of the other states; we have representation today from other Highway Patrol's from across the nation," State Highway Patrol Captain Everett Clendenin said.

Representation and support that's much needed as his colleagues and friends remember the honorable man they've lost.

"The highway patrol has lost a brother. We consider ourselves family. He was a dedicated trooper," Clendenin said.

"He was a hero that he had a family, a child, and he was a war hero as well," said Dennis Hallion with the National Troopers Coalition.

Stocks had been back stateside from his 18 month tour overseas one year to the day when he was killed.

He will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in December --a well deserved honor for a man who did so much for his county.

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