Couple continues recovery following cycling crash


Victim Justin Gailey said he was scared he was going to die. He remembers his last bike ride a month ago with his girlfriend, Andrea Amezcua.

"She had just gotten a new bike," Gailey recalled.

The two were riding along Rolesville Road when 50-year-old Jeffrey Price plowed into them. Police say he was drunk.

Amezcua received a broken leg and a broken spine while Gailey has two spinal fractures.

After a month in the hospital, Amezcua was released and while Gailey's recovery has been more swift, the two face months of rehab.

"When I saw her laying there, something just, I can't tell you the moment it happened, but I left there thinking, I have to do something," event organizer Pam Nogueira said.

She is hosting a fundraiser for the couple Sunday. She hopes a silent auction will earn Amezcua and Gailey some money for their medical expenses.

"We will have a 2008 Olympic jersey from the women's gold medal [soccer] team," Nogueira said. Also up for grab is a soccer ball autographed by Mia Hamm and a trip to Las Vegas.

"It's [the trip] about a $2,500 value, and we will start the bidding at about $1,500," Nogueira said.

For Gailey, a paramedic and father of three, no amount of money will erase the scars he and his girlfriend will carry for a long time.

"I think about the wreck all the time," Gailey said. "I drive by the scene every day. I see the tree I was laying in front of every day and thoughts always go through my mind of what could have happened."

Price has two previous DWI charges. He is out of jail and could face a legal battle with the victims.

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