09/23/08: Black is the new black

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It said black is the new black, when it comes to food.

Of course, I was thinking in terms of fashion -- you know, the little black dress, black is slimming, blue is the new black, etc... So, I was surprised to see the reference about the color black when discussing food. In fact, I was hard pressed to think of any black foods except for black beans, licorice and black tea (I'm from the South and black tea is used to make sweet tea -- a Southern staple).

I clicked into the article and it was indeed about black food. But, it was about black in the sense of the color of food.

The article explains how dark-colored foods, which have apparently been taboo in the U.S., are now the new thing. But as I continued to read, it clarified the "coming up," if you will, of dark-colored foods in American culture. The Latin culture was specifically cited as one that has always embraced black foods, including black rice and black beans.

In Japan, dark foods, which are featured on upscale restaurant menus, include black mushrooms, black soy and black vinegar.

The article also explains that eating foods that are dark in hue are good for you. Remember, I blogged about that in a previous entry but did not realize there is a trend of eating dark-colored foods. It has always been my understanding that those foods are better for you, but they didn't have a label.

Click here if you'd like to reread that blog entry. It also includes a link to the world's healthiest foods.

As you may recall from my blog, dark-colored foods are richer in nutrients than their light-colored counterparts. The medical community often sites the presence of antioxidants in foods that are dark in color. Click here to read a fact sheet about antioxidants and some of the benefits associated with antioxidants.

So, maybe America really isn't behind the curve when it comes to eating dark-colored foods. It just seems as if those foods have not been categorized in America as black or dark foods. They are simply healthy foods.

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