Fayetteville neighborhood wants more police patrols

September 24, 2008 6:02:10 AM PDT
Some Fayetteville residents are asking police to do a better job of patrolling their neighborhood.

Luis Austin said thieves broke into his home last Thursday and stole his wide screen TV and close to $8,000 in other items.

According to Austin, other resident in the subdivision, including his neighbor have also been targeted.

"It almost feels like, almost they had a shopping list," Austin said. "Cause they took my vacuum cleaner and she [neighbor] has the exact vacuum cleaner, but they didn't take hers so I guess they only needed one."

Austin said he and his neighbors rarely see police patrolling their neighborhood street.

A Police department spokesperson told Eyewitness News their statistics show fewer reported break-ins in the patrol zone that includes the Scott Mills subdivision than other areas.