Two appear in court for school fight

RALEIGH Two of the suspects made their first court appearance Wednesday. One suspects' mother apologized to the injured teen's family during the appearance.

"That didn't have to happen like that and I really, really do feel sorry for the child," Marlene Chism said. "I always told my child to be a leader not a follower."

Because her son, Steve Wilson-Chism, didn't follow her advice Chism says he is in court instead of school.

He is accused of helping 15-year-old Micah Conley and 17-year-old Tyree Lee after they allegedly beat and kicked D.J. Merwitz in the hallway of Wakefield High School.

"I'm sorry for what my child did," Chism said. "If my child did anything, I'm sorry."

The ninth grader is home recovering, but will need reconstructive surgery on his face.

The incident has left Wakefield parents shocked and angered.

"I don't know how they can stop school violence," a parent said. "I think the kids that are at fault should be punished to the harshest limit of the law and their parents should be held financially and morally responsible."

All three suspects are banned from school property until further notice.

Lee posted is out of jail Tuesday, while Conley and Wilson-Chism remain under a $50,000 bond and if released they face house arrest.

Police continue to investigate.

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