Some NC stations out of gas

RALEIGH In the Brier Creek area, several gas stations have bags over the pumps.

Eyewitness News has learned that it could be a week, maybe two before things get back to normal.

These days it's not about the price, but rather the place to pump gas.

"I've had to drive around going to different gasoline stations I'm afraid my cars going to stop somewhere and I'm not going to be able to get gas anytime," driver Adrian Lugo said.

Fear of running on fumes has drivers filling up whenever and wherever they can.

"I'm at a full tank of gas, I think I can make it," Dan Stevens with Schneder Tree Care said.

But, Stevens is headed to the western part of the state where the supply is way low.

And there is no fuel at an Exxon in Durham. Exxon's refinery was one of the hardest hit during Hurricane Ike.

For now, it's anybody's guess what fuel tanks can deliver.

"I don't know what I'm getting … 2,000 gallons, four or what," gas station manager Frances Dunman said.

The governor has asked oil companies to step up the supply from the gulf coast, but it takes time for empty pipelines to flow again.

Experts say filling up at every stop only makes the shortage worse.

"Hopefully after next week the crunch will be over. But, Mother Nature may take another course, who knows," Dunman said.

Instead of filling up every chance you get, experts recommend you get gas when you have a quarter of a tank left.

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