Big year for women in politics

RALEIGH The North Carolina Council for Women is trying to catch the attention of voters.

"Women make up 51 percent of population in North Carolina and we need to have a say so in whose going to represent us," said Sylvia Ray with the NC Council for Women. "you can't always say just because someone is female they will pick up the kinds of things that concern us, I think you have to look deeper into it and look at what they've done in the past."

Some women vying for office include; Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue a democrat, who could become the first female governor, Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Elizabeth Dole are battling for U.S. senator and Governor Sarah Palin, a republican, who could become the first vice president.

Palin is under tight scrutiny. Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, once a supporter, now believes Palin should step down.

Most women that spoke with Eyewitness News say it's up to the voter to decide.

"It was Senator McCain's choice to select Govenor Palin and they should just let the process work itself out, nurse LouAnn Powell said. "You can vote you can make a choice with your vote."

"My sister is a working mom and she loves seeing the working moms doing these things and getting involved and getting a lot of attention for it," UNC junior Liz Macintyre added.

For women everywhere the right to vote in November is a choice most plan to make.

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