NAACP makes Pilgrimage for Truth and Justice


The group led what it called a Pilgrimage for Truth and Justice.

Members walked miles from Winston-Salem and Wilmington, which were cities that had troubled race relations.

Participants remembered their own ancestors who were affected."Our ancestors who were murdered, beaten, banished, and had their homes and businesses destroyed and stolen, just because they were black," Durham NAACP member Fred Foster said.

The pilgrimage began last Thursday. Pilgrims spent the past week across the state walking miles in their own counties and holding evening services. The pilgrimage totals 65 miles, honoring 65 years the NAACP has served North Carolina.

"So, everybody knows what went on, and then we can talk about it, have dialogue, and come to the table with a resolution that everybody can believe in," Foster said.

The pilgrimage ended at Chavis Park and then continued to the state capitol for a press conference, kicking off the NAACP convention at the North Raleigh Hilton Thursday through Saturday.

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