Workout over Personal Training Contract

RALEIGH Patricia tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I wanted to learn how to do all the machines so I could learn how to do properly and go about my own business."

She paid for the first and last month up front only owing the 6 months in between. Days after signing it she caught a mistake. She was overcharged by $360.00, an additional 4 months of payments.

So she went back to Professional Fitness and asked the manager for a corrected contract. Patricia says the manager told her, "No, no pat stop it already, don't worry about it and I said well I am worrying about it. He said I'm going to make a copy and notify the head company and I took him for his word which was foolish. I will never do that again."

Patricia says she got calls from the financial company that handles Professional Fitness' contracts saying she still owes the $360.00. When she questioned that figure, she was sent a contract that's different than the one she says she signed. She says, "Wait something is very wrong here. I signed a contract for 8 months he forged by contract he just wrote over the 6 payments and made it 10. I knew nothing about this."

If you look at the two contracts, everything's the same except the length of payments are changed on the second contract from 6 months of payments to 10, a difference of $360.00. Patricia adds, "She said you signed it and I said I didn't sign that and I want to get out of my contract. She told me we don't allow people to get out of contract if in arrears and I said if would have abided by my contract I wouldn't be in arrears."

Patricia says she tried to get this taken care of through Professional Fitness for months but got nowhere. She says, "They would answer their phones and say I'm going to refer it to somebody and no one ever got back to me." Patricia e-mailed Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she got in touch with Professional Fitness who canceled her back to the original 6 months of payments her contract was written for. Patricia tells Diane Wilson, "I'm very grateful let me tell you if has been a monumental anxiety and angry situation."

Patricia did pay $270.00 dollars of the $360.00 Professional Fitness was claiming she owed. A rep with Professional Fitness credited that amount back to her credit card. A rep for Professional Fitness also said they're happy that they could provide excellent customer service in getting this issue resolved and thank Patricia for choosing Professional Fitness.

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