Wake Schools finances to affect school assignments


Wake Schools officials say the county's inability to sell bonds to fund new schools and land purchases in the current economic climate will change the way the more than 137,000 students in the system are assigned.

WCPSS had planned on moving from one-year to three-year plans for student assignment, meaning students and their parents would know what schools they would be in for the next three years, rather than facing year-to-year uncertainty.

Because the system is now having to re-prioritize and delay construction projects, they say they will have to go back to the one-year assignment process, potentially injecting more chaos into the system for students and parents.

Tuesday members of the Wake County School Board's Facilities Committee are hearing from staff the process by which construction projects will be considered for delays.

The school system's financial leaders are not expected to immediately recommend which projects should be stalled or slowed until borrowing money becomes easier.

In other words, students and parents will not know at the end of the day whether the construction of a future school they planned to attend or a renovation of a current school they expected to be improved will be delayed or stalled.

Such a list of affected schools is more likely to be announced next week.

The school system did, however, release a long list of projects that may be delayed or in some way affected. Here's a portion of a list that was circulated at today's Facilities Committee meeting:

New Schools:

2009 January Opening of River Bend Elementary School
2008 Opening of Sycamore Creek Elementary
2008 Opening of Laurel Park Elementary
2008 Opening of Mills Park Elementary
2008 Opening of Banks Road Elementary
2009 Opening of Alston Ridge Elementary
2009 Opening of Lake Myra Elementary
2009 Opening of Wendell Middle
2010 Opening of Holly Grove Middle
2010 Opening of Mills Park Middle
2011 January Opening of Rolesville Middle
2009 Opening of Heritage High School

Existing Schools:

br />Aversboro Elementary
East Millbrook Middle
East Wake High
Lynn Elementary
Martin Middle School
Lacy Elementary
Poe Elementary
Root Elementary
Bugg Elementary
Wilburn Elementary
Cary High
Enloe High
Smith Elementary
Wake Forest-Rolesville High

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