Woman reports assault in Raleigh park

RALEIGH According to officials at Yates Mill Park, an attempted sexual assault was reported there late Monday afternoon.

The park is located just south of Raleigh at the intersection of Lake Wheeler and Penny Roads.

Park Manager Rebeccah Cope is warning park visitors about the incident where a woman reported being assaulted on one of the park's walking trails Monday afternoon.

"The ranger came out and met us part way on the trail and she told us," park visitor Ruby Causey said.

Cope patrolled the trails Tuesday, making sure all visitors knew about what the victim reported.

Park rangers do not know exactly where it happened. They say that investigators were told by the victim that it happened at a split in the trail like one of several at the park.

The case is being investigated by Wake County Sheriff's deputies. Officials are not calling it a sexual assault only an alleged assault on a female.

They have not released any other details except to say that the woman who reported the crime is in her 30's.

Although Causey isn't sure what to make of the report, she says it never hurts to be extra cautious.

"I never go out alone," Causey said. "I think it's a shame that a woman cannot go out alone, but I never do. But I just don't feel like living in fear."

Causey says she'll be interested in hearing what becomes of the investigation. And she says if something did happen at Yates Mill, it's nothing any different from what could happen anywhere.

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