Leesville Road kicker catches attention of many


Despite the below 50 degree weather and the unceasing rainfall, Bucklin managed an outstanding performance and helped his team pull out another win leaving them with a 7-1 record.

Although Bucklin has been playing football for several years, this happens to be his very first season playing for a public high school. However, his newness to the team has not prevented him from adding a lot of talent to the already talented Leesville Road Pride.

Among both public and private schools, Bucklin is consistently noted as one of the best kickers throughout the Triangle area, a label that he says is "humbling." Bucklin gets his confidence from his teammates and coaches, and says "when I walk out on the field, I want to show my team that I can perform."

Although games are the opportune moment to show his skill and talent on the field, Bucklin also pushes to excel during practice time as well. Bucklin's latest record kick was a 54-yard field goal during a recent practice that he says he "wants to continue to work on."

All the talent that Bucklin has consistently been showing analysts and fans, however, did not just appear from nowhere. Bucklin has been attending numerous training camps and "kicking balls left and right," to prepare for the season.

However, all the hard work that Bucklin has put in and continues to put into kicking for Leesville is not limited to the team. He hopes to be able to get a scholarship and play football for a very solid football program like East Carolina University.

As a kicker, Bucklin has to sit out for extended periods of time during games and then immediately is expected to perform with his kicks. He explains though that he "has gotten used to the consistency and always feels confident when walking out on the field."

Bucklin also pulls some of his inspiration from the Indianapolis Colts K Adam Vinatieri. "He's had so many game winning kicks and he's a Super Bowl champ," says Bucklin.

With seven wins under his belt, Bucklin plans to add another one this coming Friday against Millbrook High School. He says this will be a tough game, but he feels confident that his team will perform their best.

Bucklin wants the next stop for the Leesville High Pride to be the State Championships, which he feels confident is within close reach.

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