IBM, NC State offer technology to kids

RALEIGH Friday IBM and NC State announced they are expanding their virtual computer lab.

Mladen Vouk is building his own computer game and he wants thousands of North Carolina school children to do the same.

"This technology would let them do things that they would like to do in an affordable way," Vouk said. "You're enabling many more students and you're giving a better education and better facilities."

"The only thing you need to use this technology is an internet connection," Louis Masi with IBM added.

With a free download through their school, kids can access advanced computer and math games from anywhere. The goal is to get them tech-savvy early.

"The need for technologically savvy people is growing in the world," Masi said. "You don't need to be at the best charter school, you don't need to be at NC State computer science, you need to have an internet connection."

Some schools in the state are already using some of the games to learn about the wonders of technology, but none in the Triangle, yet.

NC State students are using the program to work from home.

"Students for instance, do not have to go to the laboratories at 4 a.m. in the morning to do something," Vouk said. "They can bring the lab to their dorms or to their homes."

With so many jobs going overseas, both IBM and NC State hope to have a home-grown crop of engineers --smarter and sooner than ever.

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