State fair attendance sets one-day record

RALEIGH Last year, the fair had a total of 858,611 people pass through the gates.

So far this year --not including Sunday-- 663,292 people have enjoyed the fair.

To break the record, 195,319 people will have to enter the fairgrounds Sunday.

By comparison, 98,433 people came to the fair on the last Sunday in 2007, which was a record. Even the extra day added will not help.

The fair opened one day early this year on October 16, and brought 35,215 people to the annual event.

This year's best day at the fair so far was the first Saturday of the fair, October 18, when 87,457 people went to the fair.

One record was set, which was on October 21, when 71,199 people attended. That is the best Tuesday the fair has ever had.

According to the fair's Web site attendance records date back to 1986.

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