Veterans hit campaign trail for McCain

RALEIGH They stopped in Raleigh Thursday just two days before Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin holds a rally at the state fairgrounds.

Orson Swindle is a retired Marine who says if anyone knows McCain -- it's him.

"I was a POW a year longer than him," Swindle said. "We slept side by side for the last 18 months of the war and I know him like a book and he is an open book."

He is touring North Carolina with fellow servicemen and elected officials to make a last minute push for McCain.

"Barack Obama, beyond his eloquence, he's never done anything and he's never made any major decisions and he's never had to," Swindle said. "I think people will go with what they think will make them secure and that's John McCain."

The group criticized Obama for his fiscal policies.

"Anybody that tells you he's going to tax your neighbor to give it to you, you should be suspicious of because he's telling your neighbor the same thing," said Heather Wilson, a republican representative from Albuquerque, NM.

"He has absolutely no business acumen or experience. He's never even run a lemonade stand," USN, Retired Capt. Charles Nesby said.

State Representative Ric Killian says a recent call by democrats to cut defense spending should send voters running to the republican candidate.

"At the end of the day, people are going to think about how this decision really affects them and I can tell you that a decision to decrease defense spending, which would results in a reduction of billions of dollars coming into the state of North Carolina, would potentially affect over 100,000 people in places like Fayetteville and Jacksonville, North Carolina," Republican Representative Ric Killian said.

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