ABC11 Election Day Broadcast Schedule

Eyewitness News will also reporting live all night long with Fred Shropshire in Chicago at Obama's HQ and Shae Crisson in Phoenix at McCain's HQ.

For live up to the minute results check the homepage starting at 5pm.

For live online video of McCain's, Obama's, Perdue's, and McCrory's headquarters starting at 7pm click here or click the video navigation.

The ABC11-WTVD broadcast schedule:

5am - ABC11 Morning News
6am - ABC11 Morning News
7am - Good Morning America
8am - Good Morning America
9am - Regis and Kelly
10am - Rachael Ray
11am - The View
12am - ABC11 Noon News
1pm - All My Children
2pm - One Life to Live
3pm - General Hospital
4pm - Oprah's Voting Party
5pm - ABC11 Evening News
6pm - ABC11 Evening News
6:30pm - ABC World News with Charles Gibson
7pm - ABC Special Election Coverage
8pm - ABC Special Election Coverage
9pm - ABC Special Election Coverage
10pm - ABC Special Election Coverage
11pm - ABC11 Evening News
12am - ABC Special Election Coverage
1am - Oprah's Voting Party continued

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