Teen killed in head-on collision

JOHNSTON COUNTY Troopers tell Eyewitness News that 18-year-old /*Shannon Nicole Adkins*/ of /*Clayton*/ was killed on /*Buffalo Road*/ just before midnight Saturday, when the car she was operating was hit by another car head-on.

"She called and asked could she stay 45 minutes or so later and we said yeah, so that's the only reason she come home at midnight last night," Adkins' mother Ernie Adkins said. "She called to say she was on her way at 11:37 p.m. and I sat on the couch and waited for her cause she knew I couldn't go to bed until she got here, and then I heard it.

The Highway Patrol says Adkins was hit by an alleged drunk driver just down the street from her home.

"I tried to call her cell phone and she didn't answer and I just knew," she said.

Adkins died at the scene.

The alleged drunk driver, 29-year-old Desiree Olsen, was taken to Wake Med where she remains in fair condition. Olsen is charged with driving while impaired and more charges are pending once she is released from the hospital.

"Anybody that gets out on that road drinking is making that choice. My child had no choice," Ernie Adkins said. "I don't wish her dead, but I wish her away from her children in some kind of prison. It will never be like mine."

Adkins graduated from Clayton High School this year.

She did her senior project on the rash of fatal crashes involving teens in Johnston County.

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