Does it Work: Pedi Paws


Master Certified Groomer, Diane Kaplan owns Dog Stylists Inc. She agreed to test Pedi Paws. As soon as we opened it up, it's clear to read the directions and watch the video before trying it out on your pet. It may take your pet some time to get used to the Pedi Paws. The directions show you how to get your pet accustomed to it, but Diane's poodle had no problem with the extra noise.

Her concern was the protective cover opening where you put the dog's nail. She says, "We do so many big dogs they would never get their nails through there." She solves that by taking off the cover. When she tries it out, she finds that he doesn't seem to have a lot of power. She says, "It just didn't have enough power to keep grinding the nail, maybe that's a good thing so you can't put too much pressure on it."

Diane does think it's pretty safe when compared to pet owners who are fearful of clipping their pet's nails. She adds, "With doing this, you would see it before you get too far into it rather than just chopping here and making a mess." But Diane's biggest concern is still the Pedi Paws power as it stopped on her several times. She says while the Pedi Paws does file pet's nails and makes it smooth, it will take pet owners a long time to do the job. She says, "As long as the dog is patient and sits for a while it's fine. It's just slow."

So we give the Pedi Paws nail trimmer an in-betweener, not quite a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Besides Diane, we had two other dog owners try it out, and they all say that it works, but it takes so long, their dogs wouldn't stay still to do the entire job. A rep with Pedi Paws responds to that concern by saying that after the first use, the filing goes much faster.

The Pedi Paws costs $20 and is available at drug stores and big box stores all over.

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