Latest crime spree hits Raleigh

RALEIGH The latest armed robbery spree in the Capital City involves eight hits by the same suspects in the past two months. Like a number of other recent crime waves, they are centered mostly around /*Capital Boulevard*/ in /*North Raleigh*/.

Decades ago the Capital Boulevard corridor at the intersection of the beltline is where the term "North Raleigh" was coined.

It was upscale and crime was virtually unheard of, but things have changed dramatically in the crime department and people are noticing.

At the corner of Capital Boulevard and Millbrook, was one of North Raleigh's first suburban shopping areas.

But in mid-September the shopping center's Family Dollar store became victim to the latest series of crimes in this part of town.

Police believe the young man who robbed employees with a knife is the same one who walked into a subway restaurant less than two miles up Capital Boulevard on Halloween and pistol whipped the clerk before robbing her.

Steve Daniel runs a hot dog shop in the same building as the subway that was robbed.

He's also a former Raleigh Police officer, so he has a certain perspective about the increase in crime.

"Law enforcement, I think, is doing what they can. But, I think that probably the biggest problem is the public's not doing what they can," Daniel said.

He says it all starts with parenting and being a good neighbor, like when his kids were growing up in Brentwood.

"All the families were close-knit and they watched out for each other," Daniel said. "We sort of helped, you know, correct our other families' kids and we all appreciated it. We all tried to keep them in line."

Daniel says the residents of the Capital Boulevard corridor can help police make the area safer --hopefully by identifying one or both of the suspects in the latest crime spree.

Raleigh Police say they are well aware of crime trends and assign officers accordingly.

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