Another teacher allegedly makes political comments

CUMBERLAND COUNTY The teacher in question teaches social studies at Mac Williams Middle School.

The alleged incident happened during a discussion about Barack Obama becoming president. The mother of one sixth grader is demanding answers.

"I was shocked, outraged, disappointed, especially with it being from a teacher," parent, Tenesia Jackson said.

Jackson is referring to comments her daughter says were made to her class by social studies teacher Melissa Smith.

In an email to members of the Cumberland County Board of Education, Jackson says her daughter's class was having a spirited discussion about the election of Obama as president when smith said, "If both candidates where white, who would you have voted for?"

Smith also allegedly said, "Don't come crying to me when your mom and dad's tax pay goes to a thirteen year old girl for an abortion."

Jackson says the comments really upset her 11-year-old daughter, especially the one about an abortion.

"So now I have to explain all this to her," Jackson said. "She's like, 'mom what is an abortion?' The teacher is bascially saying, now is the time that I have to sit down and talk to my daughter when I feel that she's not ready for that talk yet."

Principal Donna Hancock tells Eyewitness News she has investigated Jackson's complaint and had the teacher apologize to the class.

Jackson doesn't feel it was a heartfelt apology. She just wishes folks who don't support the President-elect would stop making inappropriate comments, especially in the classroom.

"We are not going to agree with everything that Barack Obama is going to do, and whether it was Barack Obama that won or Mr. McCain, we still have to show that same respect regardless," Jackson said.

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