Police still investigating toddler death

Garner Police told Eyewitness News that they got a call around 10:30 p.m. Friday from a home on Spring Drive, where they found a deceased 20-month-old. The toddler's identity has not been released.

Police have been at the apartment for three days.

Authorities will not say exactly what is going on until the search warrants served at the apartment are turned in at the Wake County Courthouse by Garner Police.

All day Monday, Garner Police investigators came and went from the townhouse apartment.

At one point they carried out a couple of boxes filled with plastic evidence bags. They also had several other items covered in brown paper.

All they have said is that they are investigating the suspicious death of a toddler.

Neighbors say a woman, who appears to be the mother of the boy, lives at the apartment along with a slightly older daughter.

Few know her, but they say they would like to know more about the investigation.

"It's sad because I have a little girl," neighbor Krista Burkhardt said.

But Burkhardt has no idea what, if anything happened at townhouse one building over from her home.

Whatever it was, she figures police aren't taking it lightly after being posted outside for three days and carrying away boxes of evidence.

"It's very serious," Burkhardt said. "Obviously something went wrong in the apartment. So, I'm thinking that something went really bad."

Police say one step toward understanding exactly what kind of case they're investigating is knowing what caused the little boy's death.

They hope to soon have a preliminary report from the state medical examiner's office that may tell them whether foul play was involved.

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