Bob, Lee Woodruff provide hope to others

The Woodruffs were in Raleigh speaking to the /*WakeMed*/ Foundation fundraising gala.

In January 2006, /*Bob Woodruff*/ was one month into his new job as co-anchor of "/*World News Tonight*/" when a roadside bomb hit his military convoy in Iraq. Doctors did not think he would survive.

Bob told Steve Daniels: "Things are a lot better than the last time I saw you and a lot better than when you heard about it. But I've got Lee by my side and what she's gone through is a lot worse than me.

Lee Woodruff said: "It takes a long time to heal, but I was just saying to Bob last night, if I didn't know what had happened to you, I would never have known. His healing has really been miraculous.

Steve Daniels asked Bob and Lee: "A lot of people in the midst of a life changing event ask themselves 'why is this happening to us?' A few years down the road, have you found out why?"

Lee responded by saying: "I think out of something bad, something good can come and I think Bob put a face on these kinds of injuries that happened to tens of thousands of young men coming back from these wars.

The Woodruffs donate their speaking fees to a foundation they created. The Bob Woodruff Foundation helps injured troops when they return from war zones.

"They are really the only ones who've been asked to sacrifice in this war and they need to feel our love and gratitude", Lee said.

The Woodruffs say their story should provide optimism for other people struggling through difficult times.

"I think the biggest message is you have to continue to have hope. People recover from incredible things. At the lowest moments in your recovery or your injury or whatever it may be, you always need to remember around the corner something good can happen", Lee said.

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