NC State votes on tunnel graffiti action

RALEIGH Four students sprayed racist graffiti inside the "Freedom of Expression Tunnel" on NC State's campus after Barack Obama won the election.

NC State Chancellor Oblinger recently named 25 students and staff to a task force to look at the issue.

Wednesday the student senate voted to support a resolution condemning the behavior and supporting university punishment for those involved.

The resolution stems from a message in the free expression tunnel that said quote, "shoot that N-word in the head."

"We didn't want to necessarily feelings of students on this campus," said Kelli Rogers with NCSU Student Government.

The resolution from student leaders comes just hours after one of four students responsible issued a written statement saying: "The statements written in the tunnel were written with political intentions in mind. I am aware that racial differences were brought into play by my words, but I want to ensure the university that no physical harm was intended...I am very sorry for my actions and for the anger and fear brought to NC State."

That student also said they would attend diversity training and community service. All four remain anonymous.

Jill Zimmerman is one of more than 600 students who signed a petition demanding a harsher punishment.

"I would like to know who they are our responsibility to know who they are," Zimmerman said.

The NAACP is also getting involved in the incident. Officials met with the NC State's chancellor demanding those students involved be expelled, but the university disagreed.

The NAACP is organizing an on campus unity rally that will take place after Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Wednesday morning students awoke to a Carolina blue tunnel.

It's an ongoing prank in the days before the Carolina-State football game, but students are still upset about what was left in the tunnel two weeks ago.

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