Counterfeit money being passed in local city

FAYETTEVILLE The majority of the counterfeit notes that have been presented are $100 bills that have been printed on bleached $5 bills. It should be noted that counterfeit detector pens will not bring a positive result when testing this currency.

Additional detection methods should be used when receiving currency, as the latest batch of counterfeit money has the following flaws:

  • Notes will have the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, but the watermark will be that of Abraham Lincoln.
  • The security strip will show that the bill is a $5 bill and not a $100 bill
  • The Fayetteville Police Department urges consumers and businesses to use additional detection methods when receiving money.

    If your business would like to receive brochures concerning counterfeit detection or training from the Fayetteville Police Department and the United States Secret Service, please contact Detective C.S. Woolard at (910) 433-1856 ext. 2314.

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