UNC, NCSU trustees approve tuiton hike


UNC's board of trustees unanimously approved the increase in Thursday's meeting.

The proposal outlines a 6.5 percent increase for in-state undergraduate students, which is an increase of $240 a year. That would raise tuition and fees to $5,6111 a year.

For out of state undergraduate students, there would be a 5.6 percent increase. That's an additional $1,150 a year bringing tuition and fees to $23,519 a year.

All graduate students would receive a flat increase of $400 a year and some professional graduate schools will see an even larger increase. Additionally, the proposal increases all student fees by $74.67.

Since the trustees approved the increase, the board of governors will now vote on the proposal in January 2009.

The NC State committee that deals with tuition has also approved a tuition increase for next year.

The increase for in-state undergraduates and all graduate students would be 3.6 percent, about $140. The increase for out of state undergraduates would be $280. All students would also see a fee increase of $125.

Much of the increase in tuition will go to cover an increase in financial aid at both schools.

Chancellors for both State and Carolina told Eyewitness News that families should also be aware that if a parent or someone who is helping pay tuition should lose a job, or an income changes, students should re-apply for aid because they may qualify.

The board of governors will vote on these increases in January.

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