Parents warn about choking game


His parents say he died playing a dangerous game where youths intentionally choke themselves or others to get an artificial high. The Marcenos don't want anymore families to go through their nightmare.

Their 15-year-old son, Kris, was a shinning start in the Marceno household. Kris was an actor and singer who like to make people laugh -- like the time he went to school wearing a dinosaur tail.

"[I]can't even fathom going to school with a dinosaur tail on, but I mean, that didn't bother him," Kris' father, Joe Marceno, said. "He was just, that's the way he was. He definitely was a leader and not a follower."

But Kris' life ended in an instant two weeks ago when his younger sister found him in his room.

"Everybody ran upstairs and found him with a power cord around his neck and tied to the bunk beds," Joe said.

Kris died playing the choking game.

The choking game is often played by children and young teens who choke themselves or others to get high. Kris' parents had no idea their son played the game.

"No, there was no signs," Bobbi Jo Marceno, Kris' mother, said. "I think that if you know if your friend's doing this, you have to tell cause Kristian had a lot of friends. I think a lot of friends knew this was going on and this might not have happened if they just tell."

"I know kids don't want to squeal and tell on other friends and stuff but there are certain times where that needs to go away," Kris' father said. "People need to know so they can put a stop to it."

Kris is buried not far from the family's home. He's the only reason his parents are speaking out. They say no parent should have to see their child in a cemetery.

"It's not the bad kids, it's the good kids, it's the smart kids, it's the talented kids who are just being stupid and think they might be being funny, which is what I think Kristian probably thought -- he was being funny," Bobby Jo said.

The Marceno's are battling through their broken hearts to reach anyone who will hear their warning and possibly save their own child from an early death.

Some of the signs to watch out for include bloodshot eyes, disorientation after time alone and ropes or belts tied to bedroom furniture.

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