Sentence reduced for man in UNC assault


Lewis was sentenced earlier this week in connection with the assault of three UNC football players.

Judge Carl Fox decided to alter the sentence because he feels the maximum is excessive.

The father of one of the victims told the judge 13 to 16 years is a sufficient sentence.

With all of the combined charges, Lewis' sentence was reduced by 7-8 years.

The prosecution recommended two consecutive sentences on kidnapping during Friday's hearing. The ADA wanted 19-23 years.

Lewis will now serve a minimum of 16 years and a maximum of 22 years.

Lewis thanked Judge Fox for altering his sentence. He expressed regret and credited the judge for his new found faith, saying he's now reading the Bible and praying. He said he prayed for a lesser sentence and likens himself to Job.

Judge Fox says this is the first time in several years he's re sentenced anyone before signing the sentence order.

Lewis' 338 days in jail will count towards his sentence. He will be eligible for work release and education programs in the future.

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