Cheap gas may not mean more travelers


The Hess gas station on Highway 70 boasts $1.78 a gallon, cutting the price for a fill up in half.

/*AAA Carolinas*/ released a study that found despite the $2 a gallon prices, fewer Carolinians plan to hit the road or fly this Thanksgiving.

Consumer Jan Whitt says low gas prices aren't necessarily the reason why she's staying home. She says the uncertainty of the future keeps her from spending money.

Durham resident Lisa Barham says if gas prices had of stayed $4 a gallon, her family would not have been able to visit her for Thanksgiving.

"I know they probably wouldn't, you can't afford it," Barham said. "You have to eat first."

AAA says if prices continue to drop, expect a possible surge in last minute travelers.

"I believe there will still be a lot [of] traveling," Ella Payne of Durham said. "Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday we have in North Carolina."

And it always pays to shop around. Some stations offer discounts when you purchase a car wash or pay in cash.

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