YouTube political teacher receives letter

FAYETTEVILLE Mary MacArthur Elementary School teacher, Diatha Harris, who is at the center of a political controversy says she has received a disciplinary letter, but told the Fayetteville Observer she was cleared of any policy violations.

Three weeks ago, Harris a 27-year teaching veteran, drew criticism after a video of her elementary school class appeared on YouTube.

In the video, (click here to watch), fifth grader Cathy Thompson bites her lip and is just about in tears when Harris suggested her father, who was stationed in Iraq at the time, could be there for a hundred years if McCain became president.

Thompson's mother and father say despite all the commotion surrounding the video, they still support Harris.

The comments were made in a part of a Swedish documentary. Harris is a Barack Obama supporter.

Although, Harris admits if she had to do it over again, there are things she would change.

"I would change the comment that I made toward Cathy by saying that your father could stay in the military for a hundred years," Harris said. "I would change that comment."

Superintendent Bill Harrison was shocked by the video and launched an outside investigation to help him determine what to do about the incident.

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