Young's husband misses deadline

RALIEGH Legal experts tell Eyewitness News that Jason Young's failure to respond to the civil lawsuit means the court may be able to consider the allegations in that suit as fact.

Young's mother-in-law believes he killed her pregnant daughter Michelle. And when he missed the deadline for responding to Linda Fisher's lawsuit, Fisher's attorneys say he convicted himself.

Attorney Jack Michaels says his next step will be to ask a judge to declare Young Michelle's "slayer" under civil law.

"The allegations of Linda's complaint are deemed admitted and then we'll have a hearing to assess damages on the wrongful death claim," Michaels said. "We would have definitely taken his deposition, yeah interview him under oath."

Whether not getting that interview under oath is a disappointment to investigators, they are not saying, but they've tried unsuccessfully to interview Young since Michelle's murder two years ago.

During that time, he's been laying low in the North Carolina mountains.

"This is just, in some sense, a lose-lose situation," Michaels said.

That's why some legal experts think young is taking a calculated gamble --gambling that giving up his assets by not responding to the wrongful death suit is no worse than having to pay those assets to a lawyer to defend that same suit.

And this way he doesn't run the risk of being interviewed under oath.

"It's just speculation for me to know what he's thinking or what motivates him to do, or in this case, not to do something," Michaels said.

The suit was filed last month on the two-year anniversary of Michelle Young's death. She was found badly beaten in the couple's home just south of Raleigh. Her 2-year-old daughter was found with the body.

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