Deputy shooting tapes released

KENLY Officers say they got a call that someone was hurt at a home on Glendale Road, but when they arrived, 54-year-old Reggie Witcher started shooting at them.

Two deputies returned fire, killing him.

Witcher's family has challenged the officer's version of events, and say he did not fire first.

In the 911 tapes released Tuesday, a man calls asking for help for a woman.

"She fell down and she's hurt really bad," The person tells the operator.

The man says there was a party going on at the house and they were "cooking a pig and there's been a little bit of drinking."

When EMS arrived, they told the dispatcher that people at the house told them they didn't call for an ambulance and everyone appears very intoxicated.

Seconds later, someone says "Get out here. He's got a gun."

EMS then waited for deputies to arrive. The first officer on the scene reported a man with a gun.

The next thing on the tape is a deputy yelling "Shots fired! Shots fired!" Another officer asks if just the suspect was shot and he gets a confirmation.

"No pulse, no breathing," says the officer.

The two deputies involved in the shooting, Sgt. J.K. Garner and Deputy A.J. Case, are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure after a shooting.

The State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the incident and has not released its findings.

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