Students upset about campus conditions

RALEIGH "Our main goal is for change," says Shaw University senior Jarrel Johnson. He says students want the administration to take them serious and to take care of deteriorating conditions on campus.

Students sent Eyewitness News pictures saying they are tired of dirty drains, rusted bathroom stalls and moldy pipes at old dorms on campus.

"We have some issues, just a lot of things that need to be fixed and that can be fixed but they're not fixed." says Johnson.

About 150 students who were upset with conditions on campus marched across campus and staged a sit-in at an administration building to protest. They say they're worried that conditions and cutbacks on campus are hurting their chances at getting a job after graduation.

"We are constantly fixing, we are constantly improving all the time," says Shaw University Vice President Dr. Martel Perry. He says the university is listening and trying to help the students.

"We at shaw, the administration, board of trustees, have been sitting down for the last month working on plans trying to improve in this economy, the operation and also the well being of the institution," says Dr. Perry.

For now, students say they plan to keep pressing the administration until they see some action.

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