School beating leaves safety worries

RALEIGH "I just heard rumors about a kid getting jumped after school," said sophomore Andrew Bost. "No one really knows why he got beat up. All I’ve heard is that they just started doing it. There was no reason."

Investigators say the Enloe student was with a group of friends when three young men approached him. Police say they then exchanged words, and the victim was thrown to the ground and kicked while his friends watched in shock.

The incident happened after school. Raleigh police are not confirming if the three suspects were students and/or gang members but did say they made statements to the victim indicating they were in a gang.

Russ Smith, Wake County Public Schools Senior Director of Security, says there is a gang problem everywhere.

"There is a rise in that activity and we are providing gang awareness training to all of our of staff members in our schools as well as the security officers that we do put in the schools," he offered.

Enloe High has two bicycle patrol officers and a school resource officer, but say they are taking extra precautions to keep kids safe.

“Our school practices lockdown drills. We have cameras at all of our high schools. We have measures in place,” Smith explained.

As for students at the school, most who spoke with Eyewitness News like Bost believe it was an isolated incident.

“I haven't really heard anything about people being scared. They're just more aware but not really scared," he said.

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