Police find Facebook postings not racist

DURHAM One officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing and a second officer was found not to have made any racial slurs. Claims against the third remain unsubstantiated.

The investigation began when complaints were made about some postings on the officer's pages that were made after the presidential election. Some called the remarks racist.

But investigators say the comments on the second officer's page actually used a martial arts term that was not intended to be racist. He also teased his fiancé about a woman's right to vote.

Still, the department found the officer broke some department rules, including "conduct unbecoming police department personnel, responsibility to respect the rights of others and use of discriminatory jokes and slurs."

The officer has apologized for "any perceived harm he inadvertently caused the department and the community."

"We take very seriously any activity by a police officer that has the potential to create a weakening of public confidence in this organization and that is why we felt it was necessary to thoroughly investigate these allegations and take action where necessary,” said Police Chief Jose L. Lopez Sr. in a statement released to the media.

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