Your tax dollars for a baseball museum?

December 14, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
The federal government may be in a giving mood and local governments hope to share. President-Elect Barack Obama and others are calling for spending all over the country on big construction projects to help jumpstart the economy."Great idea - something that's really needed. It puts money into the economy and gives people jobs. Hopefully, dollars turn over and it spurs other jobs," said Durham Mayor Bill Bell.

Like other local leaders, Bell is putting together his wish list. It includes a pedestrian bridge across I-40 for the Tobacco Trail, a new bus facility, street improvements, and a whopping $20 million for a minor league baseball museum in downtown Durham that's already in the planning stages.

Click here to read the wish list of projects.

"All of those projects listed are needed. They're very important to the city.

But while tourist attractions can generate revenue, some Triangle taxpayers want their money spent elsewhere.

"I wouldn't mind seeing the mayor put more money in the school programs," said Raleigh resident Barry Jones.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker says tax collections are down, and that means local governments have less money of their own to spend on big construction projects. He says federal money would help get some things done that otherwise would have to wait.

Tuesday, Meeker plans to announce his wish list for federal money. It includes a plan to use renewable energy to help create jobs.