New Wake County development hits roadblock

WAKE COUNTY The housing development, Wendell Falls, is slated to be a 4,000 home suburb in Wendell.

The 1,300 acres granted for homes and 2 million square feet for commercial space, would the largest community in Wake County.

A bridge over the 64 bypass is planned to take people to Wendell Falls.

However, construction was supposed to start this fall, but builders have poured no foundations.

Part of the developer's plan for more than $15 million in infrastructure improvements included improving Richardson Road.

Mercury development was supposed to have the road open Monday, but residents say it's a long way from done.

Like many housing developments, Wendell Falls has stalled with the nation's economy.

Wendell town leaders are still optimistic, but residents who already live in the area say they are tired of dodging potholes and detours.

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