Charges dropped against tasered pallbearer

December 18, 2008 7:09:53 PM PST
Charges have been dropped against a man who was tasered by police at his father's funeral.Russ was a pallbearer at his father's funeral. Undercover deputies approached him while he was loading his father's casket into a hearse last month.

Relatives said two deputies dressed in coats and ties grabbed Russ and kneed him in his back before using a Taser on him. Five sheriff's deputies were disciplined for their actions.

A Wilmington newspaper reported Thursday that Glenda L. Sellars, who took out a warrant against the Gladwyn Taft Russ III, did not appear in court on Monday.

Sellars took out a warrant against Russ in August, claims he had threatened to kill her.

An Assistant District Attorney says there was no evidence except Sellars' allegations.