Autopsy reveals victim shot once by officer


Questions surrounding the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Ken Maree Davis remain unanswered, but the case is under investigation.

Officer Michael Yount says he returned fire, killing Davis, after Davis shot at him. Yount was responding to a shots fired call near Davis' home shortly before the incident.

The State Bureau of Investigation and the Fayetteville Police Department are working together on the case. However, the release of the autopsy clears up speculation by the Fayetetville NAACP that Davis was not shot several times in the back.

Investigators have said they believe Davis fired at Officer Michael Yount, and Yount returned fire in self-defense.

The NAACP still believes reports released in the investigation do not clarify the events that took place that night. The organization continues to monitor the case but has not stated if it believes the shooting is justified.

Davis' autopsy also reveals his blood-alcohol level was five times the legal limit to drive in North Carolina. No other drugs were found in his system.

Some witness claim Davis was beaten and or dragged across the ground. The autopsy confirms cuts and abrasions on his face.

The NAACP said it will not come to any conclusions about the shooting until all of the facts of the case are revealed.

This is the second shooting involving Yount this year. In June, he shot one of three burglary suspects in the leg when the men attacked him and his K-9. He was cleared of any wrongdoing in that incident.

Officer Yount has been with the Fayetteville Police Department since January 2002.

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