Teen suspects in court, victim memorial held

RALEIGH Xavia Barnes, 17 and 19-year-olds Jayshon Norment, Alexander Gonzolez and Eugene Dumas now face murder charges for allegedly shooting 59-year-old Michael Palmer.

Palmer was a long time Raleigh cab driver. Police say Gonzolez pulled the trigger in the attempted robbery. The thought of the youngest suspect, 17-year-old Norment, facing life in prison or the death penalty came as a tearful shock to family and friends.

"He didn't know anything about this. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time," said friend Mary Houseworth.

Palmer's friends and relatives are also upset and grieving. They held a memorial service for him Monday morning. They described Palmer as an honest cabbie who was just doing his job.

"It just touches our heart to lose him this way. He meant so much to his family and to all of his friends," said relative Henri Glover.

After learning at least three of the suspects were on probation at the time of the shooting, Palmer's family says they're eager for answers.

"For the life of me I cannot understand why someone for someone with felonies would be walking the streets. I gotta get closure on that," said Glover.

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