Web searches compare Obama to past presidents

As the President-elect prepares to take office on January 20, many pundits have compared the incoming No. 44 to those who have held the Oval Office in the past.

The Internet is no different with users turning to the web to examine the similarities and differences of the President-elect and those that came before him.

Yahoo! has compiled interesting data in anticipation of January 20th.

Top Barack Obama Presidential Comparisons on Yahoo! (Past 3 months)

Abraham Lincoln

  • Popular queries include:
  • "similarities between obama to abraham lincoln"
  • "obama lincoln reincarnated"
  • "obama trying to channel lincoln"
  • "psychics say obama is lincoln reincarnated"

John F. Kennedy

  • Popular queries include:
  • "the obamas the new kennedys"

Ronald Reagan

  • Popular queries include:
  • "obama using reagan's playbook"
  • "how is obama's tax policies similar to reaganomics"
  • "obama reverting taxes to what they were in reagan era"

Jimmy Carter

  • Popular queries include:
  • "obama the next jimmy carter"
  • "obama is jimmy carter's second term"

Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Popular queries include:
  • "obama roosevelt behind high depression"

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