Fayetteville struggles with bridge project

FAYETTEVILLE During certain times of the day, traffic is bumper-to-bumper on Skibo Road near Cross Creek Mall.

"This traffic is hectic. Early in the morning it's hectic. I mean, they need to make new roadways or something so we can get through because accidents are happening. It's just hectic out here," said Fort Bragg soldier Andrea Brewer.

Rusty Thompson is the city's traffic engineer. It's his department's job to monitor traffic hot spots and keep the flow moving. Thompson says people aren't taking advantage of several roads that lead to the mall that have less traffic.

"There's a lot of traffic trying to use McPherson to Skibo - worst choice they can make. They really need to go left onto McPherson and go down to Cliffdale and use that direction detouring and get to Glensford to the mall," he explained.

The situation isn't going to get better any time soon. The bridge project isn't expected to be finished until November.

The city has done what it can to educate drivers about how to get around the construction zone with a series of public service announcements.

Police have these instructions:

From Ft. Bragg (Yadkin Road Exit off Base):

· From Yadkin Road, right on Bonanza Dr., left on Morganton Rd.

· From Yadkin Road, right on Santa Fe Dr., left on Bonanza Dr, left on Morganton Rd.

From Ft. Bragg (Yadkin Road Exit off Base):

· All American Freeway to Skibo Road

· All American Freeway to Santa Fe Drive

From Owen Drive: (Owen turns into All-American)

· From Owen Dr, left on Raeford Rd., right on Skibo Rd.

· From Owen Dr, right on Owen Drive extension, cross over Raeford Road onto McPherson Church Rd.

· Owen Dr. becomes All-American Freeway, exit onto Cliffdale Rd., left on Cliffdale Rd., right on Glensford Dr.

Click here for printable instructions and a map from the Fayetteville Police Department (.pdf)

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