Widow fighting eviction, cancer

DURHAM The Treyburn Homeowners Association in one of the Triangle's most affluent neighborhoods is trying to toss out 67-year-old SueAnn Demmerle.

She says the reason, the method and the timing make it even more awful.

"Basically I'm shaking, I'm losing it," Demmerle said.

She says the stress is overwhelming. Her body is aching all over and it has nothing to do with her cancer removing surgery.

"My whole left side is not --it's all numb right down even to my leg," she said.

Demmerle is worried about the series of warning letters and eviction notices she has received from the Treyburn Homeowners Association telling her to leave her home of 12 years. The notices stem from delinquent fees adding up to about $6,700, that dates back to two years.

"I did not consider that first on the list," Demmerle said. "I really did not consider HOA the primary of my problems."

But Demmerle's also defaulted on her mortgage and owes county taxes.

Neither the HOA nor their lawyers could be reached for comment, but attorneys did tell a local newspaper Demmerle defaulted on a payment plan.

"What in God's name am I suppose to do, what do I do," she said.

Demmerle wouldn't go into detail, but she says most of the problems started with a bad financial decision made by her husband who died seven years ago.

She says just Monday an sheriff's deputy came to evict her, but her lawyer and the HOA have worked out a deal to buy her another week --another week she says she will continue to fight.

"I think they'd have to take me out in a body bag, yeah I don't care if that looks bad," Demmerle said.

Demmerle's lawyer is handling her case for free.

He says a few good samaritans have pledged to pitch in, but one person who wanted to remain anonymous asked why no churches are involved.

He told Eyewitness News he's appalled that to his knowledge none of Demmerle's neighbors have stepped in to help.

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