Things that go bump in the night

FORT BRAGG "You can just be sitting at the table trying to drink a cup of coffee and one of them go off and it just shakes the whole table," said Jonathan Smith who lives in Hoke County not far from an artillery impact zone.

Smith has twin boys. His wife sent Eyewitness news an email that said not long ago - at about 1:30 in the morning - she heard a blast that sounded like an atomic bomb.

"Bombs going off shaking the whole house. Even the windows in the house will shake when it gets excessive. And it just goes on til one... two... two thirty at night. They just don't seem to care anymore," said Smith.

"Oh it's terrible. And then, when I put the babies to bed it shakes the whole house. It scares me so I know it scares them," offered nanny Chris Beard.

Developers have been building homes near the post for years, and now state lawmakers are considering a bill that would force sellers of homes within a mile of a military base to tell potential buyers about noise issues.

Smith says that would have helped him make a better decision when he bought the home two years ago.

There is some good news. The Marines completed artillery training Wednesday. The bad news for residents is they'll be back in October.

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