Your Money: Extra cash from home

SPRING LAKE Economically, they had to go back to work to make some extra money, but they didn't want to give up their time with their kids and they still had to take care of the household responsibilities. They found a flexible alternative, that's helping them survive these tough times.

"Work had to work around me and it had to work around my kid's busy schedule, the husband, the military, he was getting ready to deploy, so I needed something flexible," explained mom Wendy Hodges.

Hodges found flexible when she started selling jewelry for Silpada.

"I typically work ten hours a week because that's what works for me and my family," she explained.

Hodges finds friends to host jewelry parties. She takes her box of jewels and says the product sells itself. In six months, she says she's earned over $3,000 worth of jewelry and brought home $5,500

"It's added a lot of supplemental income and a cushion as everything else around us is going up," she said.

Christine David also joined The New Working Mama movement by creating a business where she sells homemade note cards, invitations and other craft accessories.

"This is a hobby I've been doing for years. Why not have it bring some money in?" she asked.

Just in the last few months, it's helped the stay at home mom of two.

"I love it and it’s generating some income which is fabulous. My goal is to help pay for their activities and help pay for my kid's school," she said.

The moms are juggling it all, and enjoying bringing home some cash.

"The New Working Mama is thinking outside the box. They're doing things that are simple, creative, and it's flexible around their schedule," Hodges added.

Other moms are making money off their baking and cooking talents, even there organization skills. Some stay at home moms are even making some extra cash by offering child care, tutoring, and babysitting services in their home.

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