Phone GPS tracks suspected burglar

APEX The Buckley family's Apex home was broken into two weeks ago while the family was out running errands.

"When they came back two doors were wide open and the gate to our dog yard was wide open," John Buckley said. "It looked like they had come through and were in and out in 10 minutes. They grabbed mostly electronics: Nintendo Wii, Jewelry."

And they took a cell phone equipped with GPS tracking technology. So, the Buckley's logged online entered in their information, found their phone in Durham, and called police.

"It kept giving us a location like 60 feet from a certain address, so we could actually see on a map it moving, taking a right, taking a left," Buckley said.

A Durham detective followed the tracking device's every move - finally closing in on it.

"I think he figured out it was a bus he was following, and sure enough he got off the bus holding the red cell phone we told the cop about, and that's when he pulled over and arrested him," Buckley said.

Police arrested Anwar Overby and charged him with possession of stolen property and identity theft. He was released the next day on $20,000 bond.

The Buckley's say they are upset Overby is already out of jail and back on the street.

"Why did the magistrate give him bond," Buckley said. "How can he possibly be on the street right now? When I looked at it, I was thinking this is another Eve Carson waiting to happen."

Eyewitness News tried to contact the Durham District Attorney working the case for comment on Monday, but he was unavailable.

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